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Financial Planner Marketing Playbook

Jan 16, 2019

In this episode of the Financial Planner Marketing Playbook podcast, I’m talking about seriously effective ways to generate new client enquiries.

It’s the second of two solocast episodes in this season of the podcast, and these ideas are adapted from a recent webinar we presented at Bamford Media.

Within this episode of the podcast, I take you through 10 of what I believe are the most effective ways you, as a financial adviser or financial planner, can generate new client enquiries today.

When we speak to financial planners, we’re often told that one of their biggest challenges is generating enough of the right quality leads and client enquiries.

Relatively few financial planners have enough clients already. Those that do have enough often want to improve the quality of their client banks, so bringing in better quality/higher value clients and disengaging with lower quality/value clients.

And all financial planners, even those at capacity, will need to generate enough new clients to maintain their overall client numbers due to natural wastage - death, spending of capital, moving to another adviser.

These marketing techniques are designed to get you in front of the right prospective clients, those who truly value what you do for them and who have sufficient needs and wealth to make your services valuable, and to make them profitable as a client.

Here’s my thoughts on 10 seriously effective ways to generate new client enquiries, in season one, episode seven of the Financial Planner Marketing Playbook from Bamford Media.